Version 1.2.2 of PageKicker adds the ability to submit multiple semi-colon separated seeds via the command line using the –seedsviacli option.  This may seem like a minor feature but it is pretty darned useful for administrators who can now fluently create multitopic books without the necessity of creating a separate seed file.   E.g.:

bin/ --seedsviacli "Women's March 2017; Alice Paul; \
Protests against Donald Trump; Tiny Hands (song)" \
--booktitle "All About the Women's March"

Result (15 sec later) in epub, mobi, and docx is a unique book bringing together information about the Women’s March; the Swarthmore-graduate feminist Alice Paul; the global #resistance movement; and the Women’s March theme song, “Tiny Hands.”

Remember, you can run thousands of these script commands in a day, on any topics, against any permissioned content.



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