I am deploying PageKicker on an external AWS image with Ubuntu 16.04 and in the process automating the installation process. Hitherto it has been manual — I have successfully set the system  up on several different machines, including Ubuntu 12, 14, and 16; Macintosh; and Ubuntu Bash in Windows 10.  The installation script will make this a push button process.  If you would like to be an early tester on AWS let me know at fred at pagekicker doht com.

In the meantime, I have made two dot releases that make the system more portable and resolve bugs.

Version 1.3.4:

  • makes the search engine snippet function portable
  • fixes a regression that caused errors in creating .mobi documents

Version 1.3.5:

  • changes certain default font choices to be consistent with Ubuntu defaults
  • fixes a security issue caused by an ImageMagick vulnerability




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