Version 1.3.6 of PageKicker provides better support for “imprints”, which give a publisher the ability to provide distinctive style and branding for a set of similar books. The –imprint option allows the operator to select an imprint from the command line.  Imprint files stored in the conf/ directory allow the operator to specify global variable values for an imprint. By default, every imprint should have its own name, logo, copyright notice, and mission statement, but it is also possible to specify stylistic variables such as $covercolor, $coverfont, $epigraphfile, and so on, as well as substantive variables such as default APIs, summarization parameters, and the like.

Version 1.3.7 makes chapter sorting alphabetical (as designed) with the –expand_seeds_to_pages flag set to “yes”, and provides an unambiguous warning message when the master configuration file is missing.



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